How To Effectively Approach & Seduce Any Girl

Ok, Its about time I gave you some concrete advice on how to go from meeting a girl to having sex with her… and make her your girlfriend. Within the seduction community, there are several step-by-step “how to” formulas to go from initially meeting a girl to eventually having her in bed… the following is my own formula.

Pick-Up / Conversation Starters

There are infinite numbers of opening lines or better termed “conversation starters” that can be effectively used to break the ice in a social setting. It is improtant to keep in mind that there are just as many other crucial factors effecting the impact of the initial contact of a phrase. Your appearance, the way you deliver your lines, the way you conduct yourself, how and where you stand, eye contact, voice volume and tone, speech speed, smile, your physical gestures such as handshake or bow, the state of your breath can all convey self-confidence, proper image, intelligence, charm, respect… or the lack thereof. Even the most witty and hysterical opening can fall on it face if delivered poorly with mumbled tone of voice, gestures portraying lack of confidence, and fishy breath to top it off.

How To Completely Captivate A Woman

Remember this: Storytelling = Entertainment = Good Time

And if you can show a woman a good time, they’ll always want to be around you!

Now, another interesting fact about naturals with women, is that they always tell the same stories over and over again.

How To Get A Girl’s Number

Ah, getting a girl’s number! One of the oldest tricks in the book, every guy in the world has tried to get a girl’s number at one time in his life. There have been countless conversations in bars between guys trying to do it and countless dollars spent by frustrated men looking for how to do it. Luckily, all of the information you will ever need to know to get a girl’s number is in this step-by-step guide, for free! We’ve done the work for you and separated it into five easy steps that will work for anyone. Getting a girl’s number is just the first step out of many on the road to a successful hook-up or relationship, though, but it all starts here. You’ve got to walk before you can run and you’ve got to know how to approach and get a number before you get laid. Learn the basics here and reap the rewards later!

Free Personal Ads

Personal ads first originated many decades ago in local newspapers. It became popular for singles and bachelors to advertise for potential partners. Naturally, the Internet changed the whole thing to a new level.

Instead of just placing an ad in a newspaper, magazine or on a website, dating sites evolved that allowed personal profiles to be created with multiple photos, with facilities like instant messaging, flirting, speed dating, group meetings, and specialist sites to accommodate religions, hobbies, disabilities, high-earners (millionaires), seniors, and more!

How To NOT Make Sexy Eye Contact With Women

A complaint that I sometimes get from my readers is, “Marius, how come women always look at me and avoid me when I try to make eye contact?”

Well, as both someone who makes eye contact with people all the time and an experienced dating coach who has received many successful “eye contact stories” from all around the world, I can tell you that making eye contact works.

Doing Things Constantly For Women And Getting Nothing In Return?

Recently I explained the Rule of Reciprocity: an extremely powerful sales technique that plays on our nature as human beings.

Basically, the Rule states that when you give something to someone for “free,” they’re going to feel OBLIGATED to do something for you in return … even if it’s something of much greater value.

There are many ways to apply this Rule to women, and to make them feel “indebted” to you (in a good way).

Asking For A Second Date On The First Date

Instead of the usual “can I take you out”, I said to this lady I wanted to take out “So when are we going out?” It worked because she told me the date and time when we were going out..And out we went.

The problem now is twofold: she is now working and knocks off late and, she now stays far. So she says it will be difficult for us to go out for a second date which I have requested. I don`t know what to do with all the feelings I have let out for her..

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